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Congratulations on your brand new baby! I appreciate you even taking the time to consider me to be your photographer with something so precious. Let me first start off by saying I have been photographing newborns for over 9 years. I have trained with the best photographers in the field. Every year I take a newborn safety class. I am constantly doing hands on training and online classes. I take a lot of pride in my job and my knowledge for babies. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding education ! I want you to feel completely comfortable.

Below you will see my package options please be aware of the age ranges. It’s super important to book the correct age range. It honestly really does matter. A week old will be completely different than a one month old. But no matter what cute shots will be taken. If your baby is older than one month please see the children packages I offer.

Safety Procedures : I get this question a bunch – whether it’s about my baby-whispering skills or keeping things safe in the studio. So here’s the scoop: I’ve been rocking newborn sessions for over eight years now. Every year, I make sure I’m up to date by taking a newborn photography safety course. It’s not just about holding babies; you pick up some nifty procedures too. I’ve dived into newborn anatomy because, honestly, it’s more than just holding them – you’ve got to get their cues and know what their little bodies can handle.

I’m like a ninja when it comes to swaddling and setting up tiny humans. Always keeping an eagle eye on how they’re reacting and handling it. And hey, if your baby has any quirks or is on meds, spill the beans. I switch up props and baby outfits every time, and everything gets a good wash. Things that can’t hit the washer get a nice sanitizing bath.

Now, about the studio – I’m on a wiping spree before and after every session – surfaces, doorknobs, banisters, bathrooms, even the coffee spot. If you’re feeling under the weather, let’s reschedule. Got some teeny tiny clients who can’t afford to catch a bug. Fever? Better reschedule. And trust me, if I’m feeling off, I’m giving myself a time-out and getting a doctors opinion. Living in Tennessee, you play detective with colds and allergies. Bottom line: I don’t do sick days, so let’s keep the studio bug-free together.

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